Friday, March 12, 2010

Radio Personality!

Yesterday afternoon I had my first radio interview. It was great! They did it via the phone and I was on the air for about 10 mins. That may not seem super long to most, but to me it was very special! Tom recorded it and then I listened. Boy, we sure do sound different when recorded, huh? Either way, I'm thanking the Lord that the word is getting out about my new novel - Out of the Snare.
Tomorrow I'm doing a booksigning at Robbins Booklist in Greenville, Michigan from 11 - 1 pm. The local Greenville Daily News ran an article with pic on me in the paper today. It was nice. I called to thank them and the receptionist at the paper was surprised. I don't think many people call in to thank them.
The last thing I want to mention was my work out at the Club. Things are improving and again, I'm thanking the Lord. I was able to do 16 1/2 mins on the ellyptical! I actually could have gone longer, but time was running out and I wanted to do the treadmill. Look out 5k! Here I come! :)

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