Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Isn't April Beautiful?

Spring is here! Yah! Trees are budding AND it's almost time
for me to work on my rock garden. Yup - that's right, my rock
garden. You have to time this stuff just right - other wise those
rocks can get too cold and then where will I be?!!
My rocks are special to me, for they represent places I've lived
or visited over the years. (I even smuggled one out of the
Grand Canyon, but please don't tell anyone! We don't want the
canyon carted away one rock at a time!)
Another thing I like about rocks is - they're cheap. I mean - -
how much cheaper can you get - than FREE? Although, I have
purchased a couple from a rock shop near Mammouth Cave.
But the greatest thing? My wonderful husband - who willingly
carts my rocks from hither and yond AND whenever we move.
He's quite a guy and I thank the Lord for him everyday; not to
mention the fact that the end of this beautiful month of April
we will be celebrating our 39th Wedding Anniversary.
Since we'll be celebrating it at The Shack B & B near White Cloud
I wonder if I should take a hike while there and find a rock to