Monday, April 1, 2013

My Poor Sunny

Sunny is my three year old kitty and he's fighting a bad eye infection.  Poor baby.
Today the vet told us we need to put drops in his eye EVERY HOUR during
waking hours. Honestly - that's what we have to do and I feel bad for him.
The poor thing just gets to sleep and we're disturbing him again.
They say this infection can't be caught by us humans, but will take a long time to heal.
Here's praying the meds work quick and his swollen, sore eye will heal in record time.
Thanks for listening to this pet lover and her kitty.  :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Christ or Easter Bunnies?

I know it's fun to hide eggs and let the little ones hunt for them, but are we sending them a mixed message? 
I think so. 
I've taught Jr. Church and Children Sunday Schools for years.  Sometimes I only get kids once maybe twice a year, usually on Easter.  When I ask the question - What is Easter all about?  The usual answer shouted out is - The Easter bunny. 
Easter is so very much more. 
In fact, it is the sum of all we believe in because if Christ really didn't die for our sins, be buried, rose again the third day, and is seated in the heavenlies until His future return - then our faith is indeed in vain. 
Personally - I believe it's all true with every bit of my heart.
If you're intent on doing the egg hunting, then also take the time to tell them the true story of Christ on the cross and how very much He loves each and everyone of us.
Have a blessed and safe Christ-centered Easter weekend.