Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Even though I have a winter scene on my website, I don't want to overlook
Thanksgiving. The stores and world already do that too much!
Thanksgiving is a time for us to all pause and reflect over our last
year and take a few precious moments to be thankful for all the
things the Lord has done for us over the year. I'm extremely
thankful for my loved ones, especially my best friend - my husband
Tom. He was recently away from me a full week and I've come to
the conclusion that the older I get the less I like being separated from
him. I know - I know, some of you are saying right now - what a baby!
Get a life! What's a week?
It seemed like a really long time to me AND it has given me a greater
appreciate and sympathy for all those widows/widowers out there who
have lost their loved ones.
Thank you Lord Jesus for all the special, wonderful times you allow
Tom and I to have together.