Monday, April 1, 2013

My Poor Sunny

Sunny is my three year old kitty and he's fighting a bad eye infection.  Poor baby.
Today the vet told us we need to put drops in his eye EVERY HOUR during
waking hours. Honestly - that's what we have to do and I feel bad for him.
The poor thing just gets to sleep and we're disturbing him again.
They say this infection can't be caught by us humans, but will take a long time to heal.
Here's praying the meds work quick and his swollen, sore eye will heal in record time.
Thanks for listening to this pet lover and her kitty.  :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Christ or Easter Bunnies?

I know it's fun to hide eggs and let the little ones hunt for them, but are we sending them a mixed message? 
I think so. 
I've taught Jr. Church and Children Sunday Schools for years.  Sometimes I only get kids once maybe twice a year, usually on Easter.  When I ask the question - What is Easter all about?  The usual answer shouted out is - The Easter bunny. 
Easter is so very much more. 
In fact, it is the sum of all we believe in because if Christ really didn't die for our sins, be buried, rose again the third day, and is seated in the heavenlies until His future return - then our faith is indeed in vain. 
Personally - I believe it's all true with every bit of my heart.
If you're intent on doing the egg hunting, then also take the time to tell them the true story of Christ on the cross and how very much He loves each and everyone of us.
Have a blessed and safe Christ-centered Easter weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Isn't April Beautiful?

Spring is here! Yah! Trees are budding AND it's almost time
for me to work on my rock garden. Yup - that's right, my rock
garden. You have to time this stuff just right - other wise those
rocks can get too cold and then where will I be?!!
My rocks are special to me, for they represent places I've lived
or visited over the years. (I even smuggled one out of the
Grand Canyon, but please don't tell anyone! We don't want the
canyon carted away one rock at a time!)
Another thing I like about rocks is - they're cheap. I mean - -
how much cheaper can you get - than FREE? Although, I have
purchased a couple from a rock shop near Mammouth Cave.
But the greatest thing? My wonderful husband - who willingly
carts my rocks from hither and yond AND whenever we move.
He's quite a guy and I thank the Lord for him everyday; not to
mention the fact that the end of this beautiful month of April
we will be celebrating our 39th Wedding Anniversary.
Since we'll be celebrating it at The Shack B & B near White Cloud
I wonder if I should take a hike while there and find a rock to

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are You Ready for Christmas?

I am. This year is going to be a first for us. Tom is the Pastor
of a small country church and since Christmas falls on Sunday
this year, only 5 or 6 people will be attending service. So - - -
we've moved it to our home, which is conveniently located right
next door to the church. :)
I'm excited about this. I even bought a birthday cake for
Jesus and plan to not only sing Happy Birthday to Him, but
also will sing a special in our service.
So, what will you be doing Christmas Day?
It's curious to me that CHRISTmas is about Christ and yet,
when it actually falls on Sunday - few are planning to be there.
Something to think about, huh?
Anyway - Merry Christmas - AND - Have a Safe, Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Out of the Mire arrived today and is now available!
The orders come directly to me. I sign them and
mail them out.
This is the third in the Whirlwind series. Follow
Det. Quaid Williams and Abigail Turner as their
love blossoms. But then - Abigail is kidnapped and
Quaid needs to find her location before his love is
taken from him forever!

Get your signed copy while I still have some on hand!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Just What Is My Kitten's Name?

This is our baby - Mick Dundee. He's quite orange with very unique

tiger stripes all over his body. The other day, we took him to the mobile

veterinarian to be "fixed". When I went to get him later, Mick came with a birth

announcement, stated "It's a Girl!" Tom and I either need new

glasses or an anatomy refresher course! I felt terrible that for two months

I've been calling this sweet, dainty little girl a "HE". Do you think there

could be residual mental issues for her? :)

This is our sweet baby girl, Mick. After finding out, he was a she, I

entertained changing her name to something more feminine but sounding

close to Mick. I came up with Nikki. The problem? I keep forgetting

to call her by the new name, so since there are female Mickey's in this

world, I'm going to stick with the name she has. Besides, notice the "M"

on her forehead? What else can I say?

By the way, this is our older cat, Sunny who is 1 1/2 yrs old now. If you

notice, he too has the "M" on his forehead. Does that mean I should

change his name to something that starts with that letter?

A little bizarre, don't you think?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Michigan Author Expo

Hey you Michiganders. Saturday, Oct. 15th I'll be at the Lakeview Library
in Lakeview, Michigan with 15 other Michigan authors. I'm excited!

It will be nice to meet other authors from all types of genres, AND, we will
be all selling our books. There will also be drawings and someone will
win one of all of our books! What fun!

Hope to see some of you Michigan people there from 10 - Noon.

Stop in and say - HI to me.