Friday, October 28, 2011

Just What Is My Kitten's Name?

This is our baby - Mick Dundee. He's quite orange with very unique

tiger stripes all over his body. The other day, we took him to the mobile

veterinarian to be "fixed". When I went to get him later, Mick came with a birth

announcement, stated "It's a Girl!" Tom and I either need new

glasses or an anatomy refresher course! I felt terrible that for two months

I've been calling this sweet, dainty little girl a "HE". Do you think there

could be residual mental issues for her? :)

This is our sweet baby girl, Mick. After finding out, he was a she, I

entertained changing her name to something more feminine but sounding

close to Mick. I came up with Nikki. The problem? I keep forgetting

to call her by the new name, so since there are female Mickey's in this

world, I'm going to stick with the name she has. Besides, notice the "M"

on her forehead? What else can I say?

By the way, this is our older cat, Sunny who is 1 1/2 yrs old now. If you

notice, he too has the "M" on his forehead. Does that mean I should

change his name to something that starts with that letter?

A little bizarre, don't you think?

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