Thursday, August 25, 2011


My daughter-in-law tossed out a new game topic and I've decided to join in.

I'm not the best with the photos and these will be smaller than most, so

please bear with me. I will name my "crushes" from when I was youngest

on up, but don't ask me for years - I can't tell you.

First of all, I remember having a big crush on Davy Jones, the lead singer

with a British group called the Monkees. Many of our local bands modeled

themselves off of his and the Beatles hairstyles. I thought he was the "cat's

meow" (A phrase from my day. :)

The next two came on the scene close to the same time - Pernell Roberts

(played the oldest son on Bonanza) and Lee Majors (who debuted on the

series Big Valley as the youngest son). While most of my friends were

enamored with "Little Joe", my eyes were stuck on Adam. I even liked

the way he walked! Lee Majors went on to play the Six Million Dollar man.

It was mainly his eyes that caught my attention.

Interesting enough, when my hubby Tom and I were dating, occasionally

he was mistaken for Lee Majors. I guess I've always been a sucker for

handsome, dark haired men. Which is why I've included an earlier photo

of Tom with my group of crushes!

The next one on my list was there for many years - the one and only - Elvis.

I know, I know you younger gals are saying - the one with the rotating hips

and slicked back hair? Don't get me wrong - I was never a groupie wanting

his sweaty hanky, but there sure was something sexy about the man!

Unfortunately, his fame got away from him. Even as a married woman with

two young children, I cried when I heard that he'd died.

What a sad way to go. He was only in his mid-forties, but he looked awful!

Even though there are a couple I'd like to repeat from Gretchen's blog -

like George Clooney and Brad Pitt - (I may be older, but my eyes still work

and I'm not dead yet!) - the last one I want to mention is Mel Gibson.

I know lately he's not been getting good press, but you all have to admit

that in his younger years he was a very good looking man! He still is -

but wear and tear are taking their toll!

Well, that's my list. It's been fun playing along. I'm sorry the

photos are at the beginning, but I'm still a rookie when it comes

to adding photos to my blog.

Thanks for letting me play.