Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are You Ready for Christmas?

I am. This year is going to be a first for us. Tom is the Pastor
of a small country church and since Christmas falls on Sunday
this year, only 5 or 6 people will be attending service. So - - -
we've moved it to our home, which is conveniently located right
next door to the church. :)
I'm excited about this. I even bought a birthday cake for
Jesus and plan to not only sing Happy Birthday to Him, but
also will sing a special in our service.
So, what will you be doing Christmas Day?
It's curious to me that CHRISTmas is about Christ and yet,
when it actually falls on Sunday - few are planning to be there.
Something to think about, huh?
Anyway - Merry Christmas - AND - Have a Safe, Happy New Year.

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