Saturday, March 6, 2010

5K and The Club

Today, I gave up and quit early! I really did! Everything was going well. I'm going faster on the stationary bike AND I did 8 mins on the ellyptical (is that how that's spelled?) machine. Then, I went to do my 5k practice on the treadmill, but the machine kept fighting me. I had somehow gotten into someone else's program and every two mins the machine would stop, up the grade, and slow the speed. I thot I was sharp enough to solve it, so changed it back and started again. This happened six times! I finally got help which stopped me altogether for 5 mins. By then, my legs where out of sync with the speed I kept trying to do. After 31 mins of actual time logged on the machine I quit. Half of me was struggling to be depressed (it felt like a setback), the other half was upbeat. I'm happy to say - the upbeat side one. :) I know now which treadmill to avoid AND there's always another day!

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