Friday, February 12, 2010

Pool Day!

Yesterday I had trouble getting online, so today I'm doing two reports. Yesterday morn, Tom and I decided to do the pool instead of the machines. That was so fun! There were only two other people in the pool and I wasn't embarrassed to practice swimming! You see I've always had a fear of deep water, but do okay in the pool with sides nearby. :) It's been years since I swam so I was a little rusty! Can you be rusty in water? Huh!! Anyway, I warmed up and was able to do a whole lap without stopping! Woohoo! Afterwards, we went into the jacuzzi. Ahhh! That felt so nice. I stayed in longer than Tom, for I can take it longer. As for today, it wasn't all the eventful. I did a ten min. warmup on the stationary bike, then all the required machines (for me), the ellyptical (which I still can only handle 5 mins of!!), then ended with 20 mins on the treadmill. I'm not seeing any visual changes as yet, but I'm feeling great! Tomorrow our church group is going to a nice restaurant for Valentine's Day, so I won't be visiting the Club until Monday, the Lord willing. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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