Friday, May 28, 2010

What does the Toothfairy and a Mermaid have in common?

Imagination, fantasy, and fun!

Last night, Tom and I attended the Pre-school graduation of our
granddaughters, Sarah - almost 6 and Abigail - almost 5 years old.
To be honest, we'd never even heard of a Pre-school graduation let
alone attend one! The adults in charge tried to make it just like the
"Big Kid's". So as each pre-schooler came up, their name was
announced, where they would be attending school in the Fall was stated,
and what they wanted to be when they grew up was added at the end.

For the last category, we consistently heard - doctor, astronaut, nurse,
animal doctor, teacher, mom, or even a "regular" dad. As I sat listening,
I began thinking how surprised I was to not hear - spiderman, ironman,
superman, or some other super hero type.

Where were the kid thoughts? Where were the fantasies and fun ideas?
I was looking at 4 & 5 year olds and they were sounding so adult.

As the line moved on, our oldest granddaughter's turn came up and I
was curious which of these lofty job titles she'd chosen; and this is what
I heard:
"Sarah Rose Erwin will be attending Easthill Christian School and
when she grows up she wants to be the tooth fairy."

For a moment, I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly. But the roar of laughter
swelling around me confirmed her words. Then my sense of humor kicked
in and I was practically rolling in the aisle.

What a character our precious Sarah is!

The room finally settled down, the line moved on and the moment passed.
Once again, we heard: nurse, doctor, teacher, rock star, race car driver.
As the line moved toward our second granddaughter, my pride in Sarah's
imagination and creativity grew. To me, she responded the way a 4 or 5
year old should.

Soon Abigail's turn came up.

"Abigail G. Erwin will be attending Easthill Christian School and when
she grows up, she wants to be a mermaid."

The emcee then added, "And, this is the sister to the tooth fairy."

Again the room roared.

I did, too!

All in all it was a great evening and a new experience for Tom & I.

More importantly, it was an eye opener. Our world is losing it's
imagination and creativity.

But not our granddaughters!

This author and Grandma is extremely proud of Sarah and Abigail!

"Way to go girls! You did us all proud! Keep feeding your imagination,
your fantasy world, and have fun!"

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