Monday, June 28, 2010

Are We Thankful Even When It's Difficult?

This past Saturday, Tom & I drove 3 hrs round trip to attend a
booksigning at Horizon Books in Cadillac, Michigan. My signing
ran from noon until 3 p.m. and during that time I sold three, yes,
three books. As we headed our car south toward home, we talked
about how those three sales didn't even cover our gas. Needless
to say I grew very thoughtful and a little discouraged the closer we
came to our home.
And, as you can see - it's now Monday morning and I'm still thinking
on it.
But, there's a difference now. Two things happened yesterday that
rearranged my thinking. One - I was reading one of Karen Kingsbury's
novels and it convicted me about not being thankful for EVERYTHING!
Instead of the poor me's - I should be thankful for the privilege to be
invited to bookstores for signings AND that this store was like a mini
Barnes & Nobles with the coffee shop. The mgr gave me a free caramel
machiatto latte! :)
Seriously thought, what an honor to be an author signing books! Who
would have thought that would ever happen to me.
The 2nd thing that happened was a movie we watched last night called
"Faith Like Potatoes". A lady from church brought it and said we needed
to watch it.
Now, I didn't particularly enjoy the first part of the movie, but hung in
there. Then the Lord caught my attention and even though, I'm still
wrestling with some of the movie, the Lord used it to further chastise
me about my attitude and to stop looking at the book sales numbers.
Instead, I need to focus on the people and how I can touch them for
So, the Lord willing, on July 10th, we go to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan for
another signing which is about an hours drive away. This time, I'm not
going to dwell on how many books I sell nor how much money I do or
don't make.
This time I'm going with a thankful heart to the Lord for the privilege
of being an author for Him and with excitement about who He will have
cross my path while I'm there.

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