Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite TV Shows

Okay I'm game. My two favoritest shows are - The Mentalist - this guy is a police profiler. Sometimes he's unorthodox but he's always creative and entertaining. I like the back and forth with the detectives. Also, did you ever watch the commercials with the two guys and their tv? The one was an idiot and the other was serious? Well, he's one of the detectives on this show and I think he's great! :) Castle - Do I really need to explain this one? He's a writer learning how to be a better one by trailing behind the detectives. I also like the relationship he has with his teen daughter, plus his Mom is played by Susan Sullivan. She's quirky and funny. I used to be addicted - yes - addicted - to American Idol, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, and other reality shows, but like my daughter-in-love, Gretchen, I OD'd on them and lost interest. Wipeout - This show is too funny! People are absolutely hilarious on this! I also like the two John's who emcee it. So, there you have it! Mainly what we do now is Netflix. I've saved my hubby tons of money by streamlining to our computer or getting them in the mail vs renting for $3 - $4 for one night in this area.


  1. I love Wipeout, too!! It's so funny :)

    I need to check out Netflix. I hear a lot about it and it seems to be a good deal!! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Well, I'm glad you joined in the fun!!! :-) You know we do watch Wipeout too, because the kids love it. I do crack up at it!! THanks for playing along!! Love you, and miss you!!