Monday, January 18, 2010


Here it is Jan. 18, 2010! Already the new month of the new year is more than half over! I've had all kinds of good intentions, even made a list, that I wanted to accomplish the first week and I'm still only half done! What's up with that!?! Part of that list has to do with working on my third novel called "Out of the ____". Would you believe I don't even know the title yet and I've written five chapters! :) I'm not complaining really. I'm pleased that it's coming along, just not as fast as I expected. I know I'm rambling, but I really am coming to a point. Where does our time go? We've been doing a study at church during Sunday School about the tyranny of the urgent. How we think time gets stolen from us, when actually, we willingly give it away. Every morning I wake up prepared to have an organized, disciplined day and within a half hour it's out the window and I'm off and running. It amazes me that I actually have written and published two books! How did I do that? To be honest, it wasn't all me. The Lord Jesus Christ played a huge part! He's the one who gets me focused and prompts me what to write. I'm so very thankful that I have a personal relationship with Him and that He promises to never leave me or forsake me! So, when those times of hurry, hurry, hurry - or times of finances, finances, finances - get you down, focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. Like my new line above says, "Any time that I don't know what to do, I will cast all my cares upon You." Sometimes we just need to be still and listen!

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  1. Just wanted to say that I love my mother in law and I'm proud of you!!! I hope one day I grow up just like you ;)